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The Slow Restart

I’d started this whole blog venture a while back in order to log my path to publication. The bad news is that my website got a cold and I lost everything. But at least I can still log my path to publication!

A few months back I’d pushed away from my series War of Ages as I took a good hard look at myself, asking those impossible questions meant to propel someone into self-discovery/understanding. In a sense, it’s a type of personal restart, a confirmation of one’s passions, the discovery of new, and the farewell to old. Obviously, writing was one of the passions that was confirmed. Not that there was any doubt. The fact that I couldn’t stop writing during my introspection was confirmation enough.

There were some aspects of writing that I didn’t maintain during that time. It had been months since I’d blogged, or even checked my website. Due to family health cancer and houses burning down, I’d decided to focus my time on my family. When the fires settled down and I felt confident to return to the world of writing, one of my new discoveries was that my website had gotten a virus that deleted all of my content. I thought I’d backed it up but apparently, I hadn’t.

So, ironically, at the end of my personal restart, I also had to restart my website. I guess it’s a bit poetic. A sort of boring Greek tragedy sans the cool monsters.

So now I’m back to square one. I have a finished manuscript, first book in a series itching to be discovered, outlines for 5 more books in the series as well as two other novels, and a brand new website to rebuild.

Guess I’d better get started… 😛

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