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It’s one of the greatest stressors in life, along with getting married and having a baby. Despite that, I’ve moved quite a bit over my life, even to another country. Now I’m at it again. This time it’s Tennessee. I’m pretty excited about the move—returning to large, green trees is something my soul’s been craving for a long while—but it still comes with its stress. There’s the packing, organizing, more packing, wrapping, packing, bubble wrap, packing… It’s stressful, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

A ‘Word of the Day’ popped up in my email yesterday: eustress, which means good stress (first used in the 1950’s). This morning, my 11yo asked me why he’d been zoning out over the past couple days, which also happened to be when we’d gotten confirmation that we were headed to greener pastures (not a difficult task when moving from Arizona). Now that the move date is on the very near horizon, everyone is handling the good news differently. For my son, it felt odd to him that he would be stressed about something he felt wanted and made him happy. When he’d fantasized about the day we’d get the news, he’d imagined being overwhelmed with joy and elation. Now that the day has arrived, the bubbling cries of joy are a bleached by reality. The excitement of moving to a new place had blinded him to the prospect of moving from an old one and all the sentimental pangs that come with it. Dormant memories shift in their sleep, awoken by rumblings of moving, tugging on heartstrings, begging to be relived. But there are too many friends to see, special spots to revisit, and favorite restaurants to return to; the realization begins to set that the last time you may have done those things has already come and gone…

Moving isn’t easy, even if it’s for a good reason. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

The struggles of relocation can often feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to packing an entire house, unpacking that same crap, mourning over broken and scratched items, pleading with the internet provider to see if they can activate the line any sooner, realizing that your’e going to be without internet for at least a week, enrolling the kids in school, missing garbage day… It’s a lot. But the benefits of moving are not to be overlooked. New beginnings and fresh starts can be as exciting as they are terrifying, much like a rollercoaster. That’s what makes them so fun (rollercoasters, obviously; we’ve already established that new beginnings are terrifying); sure you tell yourself that the rollercoaster is safe, after all, it’s done this same circuit thousands of times without fail and in the back of your mind you hear a whisper, “There’s always a first time…” And as you roll back to the start point you tell yourself, “Told you it wouldn’t break.” The unknown makes new beginnings scary, but it also makes them exciting; when we go through them they remind us that we didn’t break.

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  1. You are just an amazing writer, Jimmy! I won’t tell you how many times I’ve moved since last i saw you (you were still in baby pants…lol) but the number is astronomical. Unfortunately, I’ve never moved to a different country, as you did! However, even moving across town can, sometimes, feel like you’ve arrived in another country. I an excited to continue reading your works!!

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you and your enthusiasm 🙂

      I agree, moving is rough even if you’re moving across town (like I did three years ago), or even from a half mile away (as I just did last year), and it never seems to get easier no matter how many times we do it.

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