James C. Eyler


James C. EylerI’ve always loved creating stories, and see life as a series of scenes in books and movies. I was born and raised in the sticks of Napa, California and lived a relatively Huck Finn childhood, hiking through forests and fields, mucking through ponds and rivers, catching lizards and snakes. I didn’t really know what to do with my life once I graduated high school. I had a story that I wanted to write, but I didn’t have the confidence to write it. After dipping my toes into retail life and realizing it wasn’t for me, I decided to join the Army. I served for seven years as a scout (RECON) from 2000–2007 and served two years in the Iraq War. My unit (A Troop 1-10 CAV) deployed to Iraq in 2003, spearheaded the 4th Infantry Division, and was influential in the mission to capture Saddam Hussein (Operation Red Dawn: Objective Wolverine). After I left the military, I moved to Brazil and lived in a coastal town called Angra dos Reis. It was paradise. The perfect spot to start realizing my dream—write epic fantasy novels. But I felt that there was something missing from my life, and so I moved back to the US after two years in Angra to go back to school. I graduated from Mesa Community College with an AA in philosophy, and the University of Arizona with a BA in philosophy of ethics in 2014.

Works in Progress

War of Ages Saga

Book 1: Age of Darkness

Final Draft

For thousands of years, the Torgerian Empire has controlled the currents of power. Primal forces that can be manipulated to shape reality, and few are as powerful as young Kael. But the empire’s reign is beginning to crack as whispers of prophecy and rebellion leak across the land. When Kael kills a high lord’s son in defense of a slave, he is labeled a traitor and a mark for the emperor’s league of assassins. With a bounty too large for slave or citizen to pass, Kael forsakes his past, fleeing the empire to find refuge among the nature-loving prytha. There, he learns of his terrible and magnificent role in prophecy. He must destroy the empire he once loved in order to prevent the coming of the War of Ages.

Book 2: Age of Fire

First Draft

Sequel to Age of Darkness. Kael is the Light of prophecy and finds himself at the head of a journey that will determine the outcome of the entire universe. But his role in prophecy becomes more obscure as he finds allies in unlikely places. Age of Fire introduces the boorde, an elegant race of warrior philosophers that have an affinity to fire, and takes readers inside two of the empire’s most famed cities, Suteri home to the Crimson Guard and New Torgeir the imperial capitol.


First Draft

The second Civil War was the last war. Spoiler alert: the guys with the guns killed the guys with the flowers. But without the flowers, who’s left to tell right from wrong?

Five years and too many nukes to count. That was how long Nature waited for us to get our shit together. Then there was no war. There was barely any humanity.

Some called it Darwin’s War because it evolved from the Second Civil War, to the TransContinental War after NATO invaded, to World War III when all hell broke loose…to the Apocalypse, when Mother Nature decided She’d had enough of humanity. The religious fanatics took to it worse than stink on shit. In the face of total obliteration, Allah, Yahweh, Buddha, Jesus, and self-proclaimed Spiritualists united under Oneism, and designated a new scarlet letter—A. It didn’t take long for those moral zealots to dust off their medieval-style torture devices and storm the universities.

Maybe we deserved it.

The same idiots that took to calling it Darwin’s War believed the Apocalypse was punishment from the One, apparently from atheist homosexuals who were contaminating water supplies to turn the rest of the world gay, or whatever the hare-brained conspiracy of the week was. But the turn of Mother Nature hadn’t been the work of any God or karmic energy that turned Nature against us.

We did it to ourselves, and we deserve no less.